I’m a skywatcher. Some people do birdwatching. I do sky watching. In my mind, every time I look at the sky, it’s a different sky. Think about it – since the last time you looked at the sky, what has changed? Well, the sun has moved – but it’s the earth that actually moves, right? So the background stars and galaxies have changed, too. But actually the sun is rotating, too, so it’s at an ever-so-slightly different angle than it was before.

But what about the atmosphere that makes the blue of the sky – has it changed? Dramatically! between the wandering dust, moisture, and passing air, the sky is never the same – and that’s only the sky that doesn’t include clouds. Clouds are constantly changing, shifting, and with the air, travel the world – always changing, never staying the same.

You’ll never see two identical skies. Besides, Utah skies have a beauty and uniqueness that is often overlooked by those of us who live here. The rocky mountains effect the wind and clouds in a dramatic way that makes the sky like a perpetual painting above our heads – if we’re willing to watch for it.