Date Ideas: Talking Dates (Conversational)

Sometimes a relationship could have great potential, but you don’t seem to do much talking. “We never talk!” some complain. It could be that your dates don’t involve activities that are very conducive to talking. Try some of these conversational dates, see if they help.

Go for a Drive

Nothing like being trapped together in a small for a while space to encourage conversation, and with a great view, too!

Watch the sunrise or sunset together

Swing by the store and get muffins and orange juice, then go watch the sunrise. Or stop at take out to eat while watching the sunset.

Climb a Tree

Climb a tree together and hang out there for an hour or two. Not only does it make for great conversation, but there’s usually a cool view up there.

Skip Rocks in a Lake or Pond

Find a lake or large body of water to skip rocks in. If you don’t know how, have your date teach you. See who can get the most skips.

Have a Picnic

Most cities have a park, and most country areas have hills or forests that make for great picnic areas. If you want it to last a little longer, pack the picnic ingredients instead of ready food so you’ll be making the food while together talking.

Take Your Date’s Dog(s) for a Walk

If you run out of things to talk about, hey, there’s always the dog.

Play, “Would You Rather?”

Think of two equally extreme situations, and take turns asking each other which they would rather do. It can be related to pain, ethics, fear, or discomfort. For example, “Would you rather die by freezing to death or burning in a fire?” or “Would you rather eat a ball of lint the size of a basketball, or eat a ball of horsehair the size of a baseball” or “Would you rather betray your mother to save a city, or passively allow the destruction of a city to be loyal to your mother?”

Play, “What’s Your Favorite Smarty?”

This is a game where you ask your date a question, and instruct them not to answer, but you try to guess how she would answer. Then she tells you if your right or gives you the correct answer. Every time you get a right answer, you get a point. Then switch. Have her ask you a question, but then guess the answer, and you tell her if she’s right. See who can get the most right answers.

Play, “What would you do if…”

This one’s kind of like “Would you rather,” but the idea is to find out what your date would do in a given situation. For example: “What would you do if there was an earthquake right now?” or, “What would you do if you saw tiny child driving a car?” or, “What would you do if an alien ship swooped down from the sky and put a spotlight on you?”

Compare your responses with his. See what you can learn about each others personalities from the differences and similarities in your reactions.

Study a Hot Topic Together

Get some newspapers, mobile devices, or computers, and study a hot topic together. What’s something big on everyone’s mind right now? See how each other feels about the issue, and see if you can find some things to give you a different perspective.

Date Ideas: Ice-Breaker Dates

Not sure how to break the ice with your date? Sometimes it’s the simple things that can help you get comfortable being together, espcially if you or your date is shy (which, I might remind you, is not a bad thing). Here are a few ideas that might help you open up without too much pressure to do a lot of talking.

Make Ice Cream Together (no pun intended—okay, yeah, pun intended)

Everyone loves ice-cream, right? But making it together gives you a comfortable situation that allows for opportunities to talk and get a sense of each other’s working together style.

Horse-back Riding

Face it, you’ve always wanted to try it. Chances are, your date has, too.


Any kind of arcade could work, but a simple one like Nickelcade is likely to be a decent atmosphere… and yes, cheaper.

Go to a Themed Restaurant

A good example of a themed restaurant is the Mayan. Just Google to see what themed restaurants are in your area. A themed restaurant provides a lot to talk about while you eat.

Do Something Based On How You Know Your Date

If you know your date from school, go to a school event together. If you know her from church, go to a church function or fireside. If you met through Institute, attend ‘tute activity. If you take her to something based on how you met, you’re likely to have things to talk about.


There’s a reason this is a great dating activity. You don’t need skill to have a great time, and there is ample pressure-free opportunity to talk.

Miniature Golf

This one’s very much like bowling, except even more fun, in my opinion, because it’s easy to make up your own rules, or add rules as you go along.

A Good Thought Provoking Movie

Don’t just show up at the theater and see if something’s playing. Research beforehand to find a good, squeaky-clean, thought-provoking movie that’s sure to have you both deep in conversation for a long time after the date. I’ve always felt that if a movie doesn’t spark great conversation, it’s probably not worth seeing.

Play Chess or Checkers

Chess and Checkers are safe games because everyone knows how to play one or the other. You don’t have to worry about awkward lulls in conversation, because after all, “I’m thinking” is a valid response to them. But sitting and playing together provides great opportunity to comfortably talk about anything at all.

Scavenger Hunt

Get a group together and do a scavenger hunt. A scavenger hunt will get you paired off with your date, but provide lots for you to do together. You’ll have to talk in order to accomplish or find the things on the list. You can find tons of list ideas on the Internet.

Playing Piano by Ear – a Discussion


Playing Piano by Ear – a Discussion

Had a great discussion with Ria, Shelly, Jenni, and Jake about playing piano by ear.  Enjoy the podcast! (the portal to all her stuff)

Making Moments – Yucky Momma

Making Moments – Yucky Momma

Lunch Bucket woke up early this morning, and since she and I were the only ones up, we ate breakfast together.  She started talking about Tootles.
Now that Tootles is walking and a little more sturdy, he and Lunch Bucket are able to play together without too much problem – though we still have to watch her a bit.
“Is Tootles your best friend?”
“Yeah, he’s my best friend.”
“That’s good.  It’s fun to be friends with your family, huh?”
“That’s neat.  Did you know Momma is my best friend?”
“Yeah.  But Momma’s not yummy.  Momma’s Yucky.”
She labels anything that you can’t eat as yucky, and anything you can eat as yummy.
Thinking she wouldn’t notice or understand, I mumbled, “Actually, Momma’s quite yummy…” and then louder, “but we don’t eat her, do we?”
“Momma’s not yummy!  Momma’s yucky!”
“We don’t eat Momma, huh?”
Now she was starting to get her, ‘I’m going to start crying if you don’t agree with me’ voice.
“Momma’s not yummy!”
I sighed, “Okay, okay, Momma’s yucky.”
After that she calmed right down and continued eating her cereal.