Date Ideas: Creative Dates

There are literally hundreds of ways to use creativity in dating. Doing a creatively focused date can help you find out how much your date enjoys creative activity. If you are a creative person, or enjoy creative things, you may want to try some of these ideas to see if your date also enjoys creative activity.

Build a Snowman

The fun thing about building a snowman is seeing what kinds of unique features you can add to an old tradition. Maybe you can make your snowman the tallest one on the block, or maybe give it three heads. Or consider making it look like a teacher you both share.

Collaborative Art… or story… or cartoon…

Get a piece of paper and write the first sentence of a story, or draw a simple picture as the beginning of a cartoon. Then hand it to your date to continue. Pass it back and forth until you have a finished story or cartoon. This can be addictive, so make sure you bring lots of paper!

Photo Shoot

Get your digital cameras and go to a place with lots of things to photograph. In the fall, it may be the fall leaves in the canyon, or a fair or carnival. In the winter, it may be Christmas scenes/lights/celebrations. In the summer it may be wildlife. In the spring you may want to try photographing flowers, trees, and blossoms.


You can learn a lot about a person by their willingness or lack of willingness to sing in front of a crowd. Don’t worry about whether they sound good or not. Just have a great time. You might also be able to get an idea of the music they enjoy, and the genres they prefer to hear.

Music Jam

If both of you (or neither of you—which can also be fun) are into music, get some instruments you are each familiar with, and try playing together. If you’re both music readers, find a piece of sheet music you can read off of and play together. If you’re both improvisors, try just playing together to see what happens.

Experimental Cooking

Put on your aprons and start throwing things together. You’ll probably want to decide ahead whether you’re going to make a dinner or dessert, but once you decide, start throwing things together, and see what you come up with. If your experiment is successful, write down the recipe and name it something that will remind you of the date.

Make a video to put on Youtube

If you can’t think of a unique story idea for a video, just spoof a movie or play you’re all familiar with. Then make popcorn and watch your masterpiece. At the end of the date, upload it to Youtube and share it on Facebook.

Style each other’s hair

This works best in a group, since you’ll probably have to be at someone’s house, but bring your hair-styling supplies and style each other’s hair.

Find Stuff in the Clouds

Go to a park or wide open field where you have a great view of the clouds, and decode the adventure taking place in the sky. The more connected everything is, the funner your cloud-shapes can be.

Sing in Harmony

If you and your date each enjoy singing, bring a songbook or hymnbook and try singing in harmony. Not only can this be a moving experience, it’s really a lot of fun.

Two Types of Creativity: Which are You?

Everyone is creative, but everyone has different ways of showing it or expressing it. In this video, I talk about the two types of creativity, and how they effect your creative work, and your everyday life. Knowing your creative type is powerful when it comes to either approaching a new skill or overcoming writers block. So what about you? What’s your creative type?

And just a sidenote, the music is from my newest CD, Fly. It’s the piece called Mount of the EagleYeah, that’s shameless self promotion, but hey, it’s my blog, right?

The Creative Power of Limitation

I think one of the greatest ways to promote creativity is to have limitations that seem to hamper the progress you are able to make. Think about it. If material is lacking, you learn to be creative with what you’ve got. If money is an issue, you get creative with the money and resources you already have. If you don’t have much space, you either turn a bedroom into a studio or find a way to do your work outdoors, where the atmosphere is better anyway. Limitations and roadblocks promote greater creativity.

If you think your limitation is hampering your creativity, maybe you just need to think more creatively about your creativity.

It rarely does any good to put off an aspiration until you have the money or means to do something about it. Whatever it is that you want to do, start doing it, with whatever time, money, and resources you DO have.

For example, let’s say you want to take up sculpture, but have no clay, and no money. That is an issue – but not enough of an issue to justify waiting until you have money or clay before moving forward. Start with home-made playdough. Does that sound too cheap?

Have you ever heard of Don Marco? He’s a crayola crayon artist, and he’s AMAZING. It’s not the fact that he uses crayons for art that’s amazing – your kids do that, (though yes, they are amazing in their own way, but you know what I mean). It’s the fact that he makes incredible art with crayons.

Use what you have to do what you want to do. Then when the resources are available, you can move up – and still have a unique portfolio.

What if time is your limitation? Become a five strokes a day artist, or perhaps “The Five Minute Painting” artist, or whatever. You don’t have to base your career on your limitation, but turn your limitation into an asset by trying something creative with your creativity.

Creativity is spawned where limitations prevail.

I’ve been publishing CD’s for years, and though it would be awesome and ideal to record with a real grand piano in a real studio, that’s never been an option to me, because it’s so dang expensive. But instead of complaining or waiting until I had the funds, I record with a professional program that allows me to fix minor mistakes that would be untouchable in a studio recording. That made my first CD better than it would have been if I’d had a studio to record in. Limitations aren’t roadblocks, limitations promote synergy.

If something goes wrong and you suddenly find yourself lacking what you once had, turn your disability into a superpower. Only you can figure out how to do it. That’s the beauty of creativity.

Progress never comes from maintaining the status quo, but from running into problems and coming up with solutions that were better than the initial plan.

Party Game: Three Part Stories

One of my family’s major hobbies is inventing games.  This is a party game we came up with called Three Part Stories.  It’s one of those games that guarantees some great laughs, and takes a little bit of creativity.

If you’ve ever done chain stories, where one starts a story, and then the next person continues it, and so forth, then you have GOT to try the story game.  It is hilarious to the extreme!

If you cannot see the video, you can watch in on Youtube.

Now for the fun part:  Here are the finished stories: Continue reading Party Game: Three Part Stories