Ka-Ching! Money Making Dates

We always talk about expensive vs. cheap vs. free dates, but how often do we consider dates that might actually bring money in? If your relationship is really going well, and you want to tug at heart-strings to get people to buy, you can always tell them it’s going toward the ring fund!

Do a Lemonade Stand

If it’s summertime, make some freshly squeezed pink lemonade (decorated with a wedge of grapefruit), and set up a booth in a busy suburb.

Hold a Yard Sale

Have a contest to see who can get the most purchasers. Loser has to buy the other one ice-cream from the profits.

Play a Musical Duet for Tips

Many malls, restaurants, and department stores with pianos allow musicians to play for tips. Talk to a few such businesses and see if they’ll let you come.

Get a Booth at the Fair

If either of you are crafty, or have a hobby around a certain theme, make or collect enough of such items to sell at the state or county fair. This can be especially good if you’ve got to meet a couple times previous to put together the inventory—it’s like three dates for the asking-out-price of one.

Babysit Together

Babysitting is a great way to get to know how your date deals with children, and sometimes the parents will even pay.

Donate Plasma

I realize this isn’t very romantic, but from what I understand, donating plasma is much like donating blood, except that they will pay you for the donation. You may want to get something to eat together first, like you would want to do for donating blood.

Sell Popsicles at a Parade

Next time there is a parade, get a portable freezer on a cart, bike, or go-cart and sell popsicles to the watchers. You can also sell water bottles or soda pop.

Write a Song Together and Sell it On iTunes

If you’re both musical, write and record a song together to put up for sale on the Internet. Tell all your Facebook and Twitter friends about it. If it sells, make another date to do another one.

Take Photos Together to Sell Online

There are dozens of stock photo websites where you can put photos up for sale. Get a couple nice cameras (borrow from someone if you don’t have your own), and go photoshooting at a favorite venue or nature area. Then put the photos for sale online. If you have your own website, you can sell them as individual downloads with a shopping-cart service.

Hold a Bake Sale

Bake a bunch of yummy goodies and have a bake sale. If you don’t want to deal with putting all the details together, get permission to do it in conjunction with a community event.

Date Ideas: Ice-Breaker Dates

Not sure how to break the ice with your date? Sometimes it’s the simple things that can help you get comfortable being together, espcially if you or your date is shy (which, I might remind you, is not a bad thing). Here are a few ideas that might help you open up without too much pressure to do a lot of talking.

Make Ice Cream Together (no pun intended—okay, yeah, pun intended)

Everyone loves ice-cream, right? But making it together gives you a comfortable situation that allows for opportunities to talk and get a sense of each other’s working together style.

Horse-back Riding

Face it, you’ve always wanted to try it. Chances are, your date has, too.


Any kind of arcade could work, but a simple one like Nickelcade is likely to be a decent atmosphere… and yes, cheaper.

Go to a Themed Restaurant

A good example of a themed restaurant is the Mayan. Just Google to see what themed restaurants are in your area. A themed restaurant provides a lot to talk about while you eat.

Do Something Based On How You Know Your Date

If you know your date from school, go to a school event together. If you know her from church, go to a church function or fireside. If you met through Institute, attend ‘tute activity. If you take her to something based on how you met, you’re likely to have things to talk about.


There’s a reason this is a great dating activity. You don’t need skill to have a great time, and there is ample pressure-free opportunity to talk.

Miniature Golf

This one’s very much like bowling, except even more fun, in my opinion, because it’s easy to make up your own rules, or add rules as you go along.

A Good Thought Provoking Movie

Don’t just show up at the theater and see if something’s playing. Research beforehand to find a good, squeaky-clean, thought-provoking movie that’s sure to have you both deep in conversation for a long time after the date. I’ve always felt that if a movie doesn’t spark great conversation, it’s probably not worth seeing.

Play Chess or Checkers

Chess and Checkers are safe games because everyone knows how to play one or the other. You don’t have to worry about awkward lulls in conversation, because after all, “I’m thinking” is a valid response to them. But sitting and playing together provides great opportunity to comfortably talk about anything at all.

Scavenger Hunt

Get a group together and do a scavenger hunt. A scavenger hunt will get you paired off with your date, but provide lots for you to do together. You’ll have to talk in order to accomplish or find the things on the list. You can find tons of list ideas on the Internet.

Date Ideas: Humorous Dates

If you want to know what kind of sense of humor your date has, you may want to plan a date that promotes a lot of laughter. Here are some ideas that could potentially make for some really funny dates.

Act Parts at a Grocery Store

Go to a store, mall, fair, or any public setting, then act and talk like someone from somewhere else. You could fake British accents, talk like beach bums or hillbillies, act like intellectuals. If your date has a favorite culture, show, or subject, act or talk like people from that place/movie/situation.

Bubbles in Traffic

While driving down the highway, have the passenger blow bubbles out the passenger window or out the sunroof. This works especially well at stoplights, and in heavy traffic (which means it’s great to have bubbles in your car, should unexpected traffic problems arise. Count how many times you can make people outside of your car smile.

Forever Bubbles

You can use regular bubbles, too, but if you can find forever bubbles for this one, it’s much awesomer, because you can blow them, put away the package, and follow your bubbles for a long time. Take your bubbles to a movie theater parking lot, the fair, or anywhere that has the public standing or walking around outdoors. Don’t let anyone catch you as the culprits who are blowing the bubbles.

Make People Talk

Go to a busy public area, and either from a window, car, or distance, make people talk. Assign yourselves individuals—“I’ll be the guy in the red jacket, and you be the girl in the fluffy coat.”

Every time you can see them talking, be there voice and invent a conversation. You may want to lay out some background. “That’s Bob. He’s part of the Mafia and is trying to sabatage the sandwich industry. That’s why he’s at Subway. The lady over there, headed this direction, she’s supposed to meet him to plant a bomb.”

You can also do this by turning down the volume on a movie or TV show.

Make A Bad-Lip-Reading Movie Clip

Similar to making people talk, get a recording, download, or video of a movie or scene from a show. Turn down the volume all the way and see what else their lips look like they could be saying. Then audio record your voices speaking the bad-lip-reading. Use a computer to put them together and see how convincing you can make it look.

Write Fake “Dear John” Letters to People

Invent a person (don’t use a real person—that could get you into trouble) and write a letter to a friend or sibling as if this invented person is someone they once knew, and say stuff like, “though it’s been awhile, things just aren’t going to work out between us.” Spell out a bunch of bogus reasons to end the “relationship.” Then send the letter. You could also open an email account for the same purpose, if you want to save on postage. Be sure to send it to someone who would take the joke well, so they don’t get totally creeped out.

Do Pranks on People You Know

You have to be a little careful with this one, too, but an innocent prank call or gimmick to someone one of you knows well can be a lot of fun.

Photoshop Stuff

Take a photo of the two of you, and then put it on the computer and photoshop it together. Remove or extend limbs, put on a third eye, insert Patrick Stewart—anything you want to make the picture ridiculous. If you don’t have Photoshop, download Gimp, or a similar free image-editing software. If you’ve got the guts, and your dating is going well, make the finished image your Facebook profiles.

Fake Conversation Walk-bys

Go walking somewhere public, and every time you pass someone, be in the middle of a strange or ridiculous conversation. Here are some samples:

“I didn’t know it, but Dr. Finigus said that a tail is actually just a stunted fifth leg. Can you believe that?”

“…and then she slapped me and said that if Amy can’t have me, then I’d be better off with Bridget, even if she is my cousin.”

“I don’t think she meant my homework was supposed to be put in a round folder on her desk, I think he meant my work was as good as trash.”

“That was the last time I saw anyone on earth, until yesterday. Actually, the Zentovians were nicer than most of the people here.”

Make a Literal Music Video

Have you ever noticed that Music videos rarely portray what’s being sung about? Find an old music video on Youtube, download it, and rewrite the words of the song to fit the video.

“I flip my haaaaaaaaair!”

“Jump in the aaaaaaaair!”

“This mic tastes good—hide your kids so they don’t scare”

Record yourselves singing the new version using a karaoke version of the song, dub it onto the video in a video editor, and upload it to Youtube. If you label it by the song with the words, “Literal Music Video” in the title, it will probably get a bunch of hits. This can be so much fun to do with a date.

Date Ideas: Get-to-Know-You Dates

One of the tricks to learning more about your date’s personality is getting him in his element. If you can spend time with him doing what he does every day, he’s more likely to act the way he normally acts. If you’ve already done that, perhaps the trick is to get him out of his element, free of his typical everyday influences. Getting to know someone beyond the superficial can be a challenge. If you’re struggling to get to know the real person in there, try a few of these get-to-know-you dates.

Play “Two Truths and a Lie”
This is a fun game where you each take a turn telling two things that are true about yourself, and one thing that’s a lie. But here’s where the fun comes in. The other person has to guess which thing is a lie. So, for example, if it’s your turn, you might say:
“Sour Cream and Onion potato chips are my favorite kind.”
“I’ve been to Las Vegas three times.”
“I’m a big fan of British Comedies.”
Perhaps the Las Vegas one is the lie. If your date guesses that either of the other two options is the lie, then you get a point, and it’s your date’s turn to tell two truths and a lie.

Do Something Based On Your or Your Date’s Field of Work or Study
If your date is studying meteorology, take her on a date to a place where she can teach you a few things about the weather, or cloud types, or how weather prediction takes place. If you’re studying to teach school, volunteer to do a day of tutoring or mentoring at a school or organization with your date. Or, if your date is a bookseller, go to a bookstore and have her explain how the book industry works.

Double or Group with your Date’s Friends or Family
Sometimes all it takes to get to know someone is to have someone there she is already comfortable being around, such as a close friend or family member. Double with someone she knows well, and get them talking. Chances are, your date will open right up. If you’re having trouble opening up, double with someone you’re close to, so you’ll be more comfortable talking.

Do a Single Date
If you’ve mostly group dated this person so far, try a single date. When it’s just the two of you, you’re free of outside influences, and if your date is a quiet person, a single date is probably much more comfortable for them anyway. Introverts, for example, are often much more open in a one-on-one conversation.

Play Truth or Dare
Remember the old elementary favorite, Truth or Dare? Play it on a date. Be kind and respectful, but have fun encouraging each other to share deeper thoughts and feelings on things.

Take Personality Profile Tests Together
Get a book from the library or study together about different personality types, and take some personality tests together. Some examples are the Hartman Color Code, the Five Love Languages, and the Multiple Intelligence test. After you get your results, read up to get more detail on those types together.

Go to a Corn Maze
This may seem like an odd one for get-to-know-you dates, but how a person deals with a puzzle or “problem” such as a maze can tell you a lot about them. Is she a take-charger, an instruction-taker, a geeky “figure it out before proceeding” type? Does she ask your suggestions? Does she demand to be the one deciding? Does she refuse to move until you make the decisions? Don’t take a lot of stock into it, but do take notes. See if your findings ring true with other aspects of your date’s life.

Shop for Food Together
Then make dinner together. You can learn a lot about someone from the way they shop.

Q&A Date
Have your date come prepared with five questions, and you have five questions to ask. Ask the questions over dinner or a milkshake, and discuss the answers.

Play “I Have Never”
Take turns saying things you’ve never done. You get a point if you’ve never done something your date has done. For example, you might say, “I’ve never been to Las Vegas.” If your date has been to Las Vegas, you get a point. Take turns and see who can stump the other the most. (Keep in mind that gender-specific responses are a bit of a cop-out, such as a guy saying, “I’ve never worn eyeshadow.”)

Date Ideas: Financial Responsibility Dates

Having a great bank account isn’t nearly as important as having good, financial sense. Here are a few date ideas to help you find out about your date’s financial sense (as well as your own!).

Five Bucks Each

Take five dollars and give your date five dollars. Go to a store and split up to see who can purchase the most interesting, fun, or useful stuff for five dollars.

Check Out Local Yard Sales

Wander the suburbs on a Saturday afternoon in the spring and stop at all the local yard sales you find.


Play a serious game of Monopoly, all the way to the end—it’s the later part of the game where you start learning about people’s financial styles.

Come Up with a Budget Together

Do a mock budget together. If you had $__ per month income, how would you divide it out. You can learn a LOT about a person doing this.

Financial “Personality Profile”

There are a lot of personality profiles for financial styles that help you determine what you consider worth your money, how spendy or thrifty you are. Take turns taking a few such profiles.

Plan a Trip to Hawaii (don’t go, just plan)

Pretend you’re planning a trip to Hawaii together. Research flight costs, travel expenses, food, hotels, time off work, vacation days, and everything else that would be involved.

Test Drive Cars

Test drive cars at a dealership, and have conversations about the costs, and how you would pay for the car if you were to get it.

Play “The Game of Life,” or “Payday.”

There are a number of games, such as “The Game of Life,” or “Payday” that seek to imitate real life financial issues.

Go House Shopping

Go to a house show, where you can go see all the open houses for sale. Tour them as if looking to buy. Talk about what you’d like in a house someday and encourage your date to do the same.


Did you know you can make homemade laundry soap? Dishwasher soap? Ranch dressing? Hand/diaper wipes? Most common household items can be made from scratch. Try making some of these together. Try some practical skills, but also try some things based on one of your interests. If your date is really into hand-bags, find out how to make your own, and do it together.

Date Ideas: Educational Dates


Get a star map (they have an app for that) and a telescope or pair of binoculars, and go to a location at least a few miles out of town after dark and look at the stars. Try to identify constellations, galaxies, and any nebulae you can find.

Audobon Nut

Get a field guide to… anything! Then go to an appropriate location and look up everything you can. They have field guides for all kinds of things: birds, trees, bugs, flowers, animals, edible plants, rocks and minerals—whatever you both might find interesting, go out searching for them, identifying as many as possible. You may want to bring a camera or two to catch your own photos of your findings.


Planetariums can be so much fun when you go with an attitude of curiosity. If they have a lazer/star show, go to it. If they have experiments and gravity suits to try, do it. And don’t forget to check out the gift shop. There’s usually a lot of cool stuff in there, too.

Plant a Garden Together

Plant a garden with both of your favorite items. This is not only fun and educational, but it’s especially good if you’re really hoping for a follow-up date. “Hey, want to go check on our garden?”

Go to an Art Gallery

Sometimes art galleries can seem either boring or overwhelming to most people. Take your date to one, but instead of just passively admiring all the works, go with the idea of finding one piece that especially stands out to each of you. Get a good look around to make sure it’s the one that most catches your interest, and tell each other why that piece is your favorite.

Another fun thing to do at an art gallery is to come up with stories about the paintings. Make up scenarios that “explain” what’s going on. Be as detailed as possible. You may learn a lot about your date from their stories.

Visit the Zoo

Yes, it’s cliché, and yes, it’s still way fun. And believe it or not, most Zoos are open year round.

Go to a Museum

There are dozens of kinds of museums. There are history museums, church museums, science museums, art museums, children’s museums, animal museums (think giant aquarium), and even human museums (I’ve never been to a body museum, and don’t think I’d like to, but just saying). Go to the museum you think your date would most enjoy.

Learn a New Skill Together

You can learn a lot about a person by observing how they learn. Decide on a new skill to learn and use whatever resources you can to learn how to do it. The Internet is the obvious one, but there are also libraries, classes, and experts around that might help you learn a skill. Ask your date if there’s something he/she’s always wanted to learn to do, and learn it together. It could be dancing, karate, origami, microscope study, cooking, auto-mechanics, basketball, graphic design, plumbing, weaving, rock-tumbling, or any number of things. Learn it together. Then follow up with each other on later dates, or practice together.

Go to a Local “Gardens”

Go to a local professional garden park such as the Botanical Gardens, Red Butte Gardens, the Gardens at Thanksgiving point, and many of these gardens have annual events. Visit a local professional garden. You might want to bring a field guide along.

Geek Date

Find out what your date is geek about (maybe they LOVE examining the back of Afghans, or are a rifle nut), and go to a store, show, or festival surrounding that thing. People always love talking about about their own interests, and regardless of what you think of it all, your date will have a great time talking to you about it. Allow them to show you all the cool stuff that you may not yet know.

Date Ideas: Diversity (Cultural) Dates

Sometimes we get so caught up in our own culture that we never notice the rich depth and beauty available through other cultures, and never in the history of the world have we had more access to information, art, music, food, and traditions of foreign countries. Exploring those things can make for an awesome date.

Globespin Dinner

Spin a globe so your finger lands on a random country, then go to a restaurant that serves the kind of food eaten in that country. If you can’t find one, get online and learn what kind of food they eat, and make it together.

Visit Different Cultural Shops

In most big cities, there are dozens of Mexican markets, African markets, China markets, Korean markets, Indian markets and dozens of other countries markets. There are also different countries represented in specialty shops, with art, clothing, and traditional items. Visit a number of these, and if you find something cool and inexpensive, buy it for your date as a souvenir of the experience.

Study a Culture

Go to the library and research a specific culture, and then visit a museum, shop, or restaurant where you can experience a taste of that culture.

Visit a Foreigner

If you know someone from another culture, ask them if you and your date (you may want to say friend, so they don’t feel like they have to provide dinner or something) can come and interview them about their home country, culture, and family history. See what you can learn about their traditions. Most people think their lives are boring because they consider themselves “normal,” but most people have vastly different ideas about what normal looks like.

Take a Foreigner on a Date

If you someone who was born in another country, ask them on a date and ask their suggestion on a restaurant that best represents the food of their country.

Have a Cultural Dance

Get a group date together and learn a dance from another country. If you have the resources, get some clothing from that culture that would traditionally be worn for that dance. If none of you know any dances, find a Youtube video that can teach you.

Find a Lesser Known Cultural Festival

Most people have heard of the Scottish or Irish festivals, but there are dozens of lesser-known cultural festivals. Get online and find a festival in your area representing a country whose festival you’ve never visited, and take a date to it. You may even want to get an idea from your date of which festival he/she might like to go to.

Learn to Play a Cultural Instrument Together

One of the nice things about musical instruments from other countries is that they are usually considerably less expensive than western culture instruments (like band and orchestra instruments). Get an instrument or two (or more) that are from another country and learn to play them with your date.

Learn Simple Foreign Language

Pick a language both you and your date would like someday to learn. Get online or go to a bookstore or library and learn a bunch of phrases and words from that language. Use the words and phrases throughout the date as much as possible. If you continue to date this person, add a phrase or two each date.

Learn to Do Some Cultural Art Together

Pick a culture together whose art you both enjoy, then get the supplies and try to emulate that art. You can find pictures, how-tos, and ideas online or at a library. Create (as best you can) either sculptures, paintings, or drawings that look like they’re from that country.

Date Ideas: Creative Dates

There are literally hundreds of ways to use creativity in dating. Doing a creatively focused date can help you find out how much your date enjoys creative activity. If you are a creative person, or enjoy creative things, you may want to try some of these ideas to see if your date also enjoys creative activity.

Build a Snowman

The fun thing about building a snowman is seeing what kinds of unique features you can add to an old tradition. Maybe you can make your snowman the tallest one on the block, or maybe give it three heads. Or consider making it look like a teacher you both share.

Collaborative Art… or story… or cartoon…

Get a piece of paper and write the first sentence of a story, or draw a simple picture as the beginning of a cartoon. Then hand it to your date to continue. Pass it back and forth until you have a finished story or cartoon. This can be addictive, so make sure you bring lots of paper!

Photo Shoot

Get your digital cameras and go to a place with lots of things to photograph. In the fall, it may be the fall leaves in the canyon, or a fair or carnival. In the winter, it may be Christmas scenes/lights/celebrations. In the summer it may be wildlife. In the spring you may want to try photographing flowers, trees, and blossoms.


You can learn a lot about a person by their willingness or lack of willingness to sing in front of a crowd. Don’t worry about whether they sound good or not. Just have a great time. You might also be able to get an idea of the music they enjoy, and the genres they prefer to hear.

Music Jam

If both of you (or neither of you—which can also be fun) are into music, get some instruments you are each familiar with, and try playing together. If you’re both music readers, find a piece of sheet music you can read off of and play together. If you’re both improvisors, try just playing together to see what happens.

Experimental Cooking

Put on your aprons and start throwing things together. You’ll probably want to decide ahead whether you’re going to make a dinner or dessert, but once you decide, start throwing things together, and see what you come up with. If your experiment is successful, write down the recipe and name it something that will remind you of the date.

Make a video to put on Youtube

If you can’t think of a unique story idea for a video, just spoof a movie or play you’re all familiar with. Then make popcorn and watch your masterpiece. At the end of the date, upload it to Youtube and share it on Facebook.

Style each other’s hair

This works best in a group, since you’ll probably have to be at someone’s house, but bring your hair-styling supplies and style each other’s hair.

Find Stuff in the Clouds

Go to a park or wide open field where you have a great view of the clouds, and decode the adventure taking place in the sky. The more connected everything is, the funner your cloud-shapes can be.

Sing in Harmony

If you and your date each enjoy singing, bring a songbook or hymnbook and try singing in harmony. Not only can this be a moving experience, it’s really a lot of fun.

Date Ideas: Blind Dates

Remember that the focus of a first date should always be to have a great time and help your date have a great time. It’s kind of the ice-breaker date. Neither of you really have any idea what the other is like on a date, and with blind dates, you know nothing about the other person other than what you’ve been told. Don’t worry about whether your date is worth going with again. That’s what the next day is for, and your date knows it, so your best chance is to leave a positive impression by helping him/her have fun today.

Go to an Amusement Park (Think Lagoon, Trafalga, Six Flags)

Amusement parks are great for blind dates because nearly everyone enjoys them, and you don’t have to know each other very well to have a great time. Surrounded by such fun, you’re more likely to talk and get to know each other between rides and while waiting in line.


Malls are packed with all different kinds of stores. You can learn a lot about your date by seeing which stores she prefers. Some will focus on clothing stores, others on the toy stores and specialty stores. Still others will take the most interest in the bookstores. The trick is to give your date as much of the choice as possible about which stores to visit, and then focus your conversations around their choices. If they really love the RadioShack, and seem interested in the music keyboards, ask them about their musical background. If they are focused on the winter sports clothing, ask them if they have interests in winter sports.

Go to a Movie in a Theater

Be a little careful about this one. Some guys think movies are supposed to be a snuggle-fest. Good grief, it’s a blind date: you just met. Don’t snuggle. It’s much more likely to scare off your date. Also, don’t watch a movie in your apartment. Go to a theater. Share a bowl of popcorn, and let your date pick the movie. If the movie doesn’t meet your standards, either gently tell them so or suggest another movie you would be willing to see that’s in the same genre. Sometimes when you don’t know each other well enough to know if you have anything in common, a movie can be a good conversation-piece.

Go to the County/State Fair

The fair is packed with all kinds of displays covering most subjects of interest. They also have concerts, shows, and shops that will provide all kinds of subject material for conversation.

Go to a Cultural Festival (Think Scottish fest, Scandanavian fest, you get the idea)

Cultural festivals have similar benefits to the fair, but with a cultural twist. Don’t miss the chance to find out about your date’s cultural background, even if it’s local. Family history is actually a really fun topic on a date.

Board/Card Games at a Park

I emphasize this should be in a very public place. Blind dates should always, always, be in a public place, especially if it’s a single date. That’s just a common-sense fundamental precaution that most everyone will appreciate. If it’s too cold to do a park, play a card game in a restaurant. If you get something to eat, and it’s not overcrowded, the restaurant won’t mind at all.

Go to an All-You-Can-Eat Buffet

This is almost always a safe dinner plan, because you can each eat whatever you want. If you think there’s a chance you’ll go out again, make a mental note of what they eat, and especially what they liked, so you can take them to a restaurant another day that serves what they are eating.

Go to an Ice-Cream Parlor

Other than those who are either lactose intolerant or on a strict diet, everyone loves ice cream, and a parlor is a fun place to have a short, pressure-free conversation.

Group Date with the Person Who Set You Up

I recommend this no matter what you do on the date. If your mutual friend can be there on the date, there will be plenty to talk about. Your friend knows all the reasons they thought you might get along with this person. If you can get them to double or group date with you, there will be more to talk about, and much of the pressure will be lifted from you and your date.

Two Dollar Gift

Give your date two dollars, and have two dollars for yourself. Have a quick twenty minute discussion about the kinds of stuff you and your date like, and then split up at a mall or Wal-mart and buy each other a $2.00 gift. This is a quick and fun way to get to know each other and you both walk away with a fun item you’ll enjoy. You may be surprised all you can learn about someone in twenty minutes when you know you’re going to be “shopping” for them.

Date Ideas: Athletic Dates

With any athletic or active date, make sure you find out some basics about your date’s health. If he has asthma, for example, you may want to approach the idea carefully and sensitively. And don’t overestimate your own athletic prowess, or your efforts to impress may backfire.

Jog Together

If you both like running, go on a jog together. Not only is it fun and good for you, but it allows for a comfortable balance of talking and silence. It’s not so awkward to run with someone without saying much, if you’re both a little shy, but if you do feel like talking, it’s a good time to do it.

Go Sledding

Everyone loves sledding, right? Most cities have at least one hilly park, and often there are favorite mountainsides designated by the community as sledding areas. If you don’t have a sled, look for a good inner-tube or saucer sled (saucers aren’t expensive). Just don’t go anywhere too dangerous. Trips to the hospital are usually only great dates if you’re going out of service toward someone else.

Go Climbing

One of you will have to have the equipment for this, but climbing is often a favorite activity of people who love the outdoors. Make sure you review the rules and guidelines before you go—especially if you’re an experienced climber and your date is not.

Go Hiking

Find a favorite hiking area, check the weather report, pack a couple cameras, and don’t forget the trail mix and water!

Go Skiing

If you want a fun all-day date, skiing can be great. Just a warning—it can be a little expensive!


This is a good one for just about anyone. And it only gets as intense as you want it to get. You can even try starting at ten feet apart and backing up a step after every throw. Or you can try it where there will be obstacles. If you’re on a group date, try keep-away.

Lava Playground Ball

This is one of my very favorites, and works best with a group, but is still fun with just two. Take a ball to an empty playground (or enlist the fellow playgrounders in your game) and climb onto the equipment. You’re not allowed to touch the ground. Now throw the ball back and forth while climbing around the equipment. You can’t hold it for more than three seconds. If the ball falls to the ground, you have to retrieve it without touching the ground. It may not sound all that athletic, but the first time you have to stretch yourself out five feet from the edge of a platform or monkey bar to retrieve the ball between your feet, or dangling upside down to get to the ball without touching the ground, you’ll see how vigorous it can be.


Most people enjoy swimming, and it’s a great source of exercise. You might try having a few races across the length of the pool if you’re both good swimmers. Or if you’re in a group, tag can be fun. If there’s a setup for it, you could try polo, too.

Ice Skating

Ice skating is one of the funnest “cool weather” available. If you’ve never done it, a date is a great opportunity. Just as a tip—the figure skates make it easier to stop, and easier to trip and fall. The Hockey skates are easier to control, but harder to stop in. FYI.


Go biking through the prettiest part of your town. Don’t go on big roads if you can help it. It’s too noisy, dangerous, and busy. Go somewhere quiet where you can ride out in the open and watch the sunset, or where you can stop for ice-cream after you’ve been out awhile. Some of the larger city parks are great for this, too.

Line Dancing

If there’s not a local country dancing place nearby, just get out your stereo and have a few classic line dance tunes ready. If you’re on a double date, go to someone’s living room, and use it as a dance floor. You only need room for the four of you (and possibly the younger siblings of the person who’s house you’re using). If you don’t know any dances, get a Youtube video to teach you all together. Here are a few examples of line dances you may want to look up:

Electric slide

Boot-Scootin’ Boogie

Cotton-Eyed Joe

Tush Push

Chicken Dance (just for fun)

Cajun Shuffle

Achy-Breaky Heart


Celtic Slide

Hokey Pokey (you at LEAST know this one, right?)