LTUE Keynote Speech: James A. Owen

At LTUE writing conference, James A. Owen gave a masterful speech that I found exceptionally inspiring and encouraging. Gratefully, I had my little podcast recorder, so I captured this awesome story. My only regret is that I didn’t catch a photo of the drawing of the dragon given at the end of the speech. It was the kind of picture that would have been discouraging to see (as in, ‘I’ll never be that good’ king of thing) if it hadn’t been for the deeply moving message he gave about simply drawing lines and choosing where they go–and never giving up. It was an incredible work of art, drawn in two minutes.

And by the way, you’ve GOT to check out his book on this subject, Drawing Out the Dragons. I’m reading it now. If you like the speech (and of course you will), you’ll love the book.

Essential Questions

Essential Questions

All of us are effected by cancer, whether by personal experience with it, or by a friend or loved one who’s been through it. The more I speak to or hear from victims of cancer, the more I’m convinced that cancer is not a matter of death, but a matter of life. Those who suffer with it find more meaning in life, more gratitude for life, and more love of life.

One of my duties at my job is to record speeches held, and in this one, a man with a severe case of cancer was invited to speak. The man is a friend of mine, and I was deeply touched by his words. I pray for him and his family, and I thank him for this beautiful life perspective he offered on this occasion.