I Am Now Officially The Prankateer General

“I’d really like to make a name for myself… what do you think of the Prankateer General?”

“…Sounds like a pretty good idea.”

The message: be proactive

Be sure to listen through to the end on this. It drags a bit in the middle, but it gets fun again when the kids start eating the dog food.


Yesterday my wife and I took our dog for a walk.  Every once in a while we stopped and I’d go hide in the sagebrush while my wife held the dog so I’d have time to hide before she came after me.  This is one of our dog’s favorite games, though she’s not that great at tracking people – she could use some practice with her sniffer – but she has fun trying.

One of the times I asked my wife to hold the dog and I prepared to go hide.  While trying to get hold of Lola’s collar, my wife let go and said, “Ouch! I think I think Lola’s got a cactus spine or something.”  So I came and felt around for it.  At first I couldn’t find anything, but then I felt it – some kind of poke.  I seemed that she had a spine in her neck, and as I searched for it, I felt it again.  Was it a poke… or a shock?  I felt around more, and after a moment felt it again.  “Ouch,” I said, pulling back, “that’s weird!  I’m not sure it’s a poke we’re feeling. It’s almost more of a shock!”  I felt her fur again, and the more I touched her, the more poke/shocks I felt.

Then we realized that we were standing almost directly beneath one of those massive beefy electric wires that carry electricity over mountains and miles of empty terrain.  It was even making strange zapping noises.
“Uh…” I said, looking at the gigantic power-line, “let’s get out of here.”  So we scrambled away from the electric wire.  We checked the dog every couple minutes, and sure enough, the further we got from the power lines, the less conductive she was.

I don’t know if the dog ever noticed anything, but if she starts demonstrating super-powers, I won’t wonder why.