Fun with Spammers: Let them eat SPAM!!!

I wish I could claim credit for the “Let them eat spam” line, but I can’t. That’s the slogan of the site, a very handy email anti-spam site. You know how sites will demand your email account and tell you if it’s a legitimate account before allowing you to proceed? Well, all you have to do is make up a word and include at the end. It really does send an email there. Then if you need to check it, you go to and sign in (no password needed) using the name you invented. Just be aware that anyone else can check your email, too.

Anyway, that’s one way to deal with spammers. I’ve been getting a ton of spam on this blog lately, and I’ve been getting annoyed for awhile. Then it occurred to me that I could deal with them the same way I deal with telemarketers. If something annoys you, make it funny!

If you want to see what I mean, just check out the comments on the entry about William Freshwater’s journal.

Jon Schmidt and Steven Sharp Nelson

You’ve got to love Jon Schmidt‘s music, and can you help but get into it when he gets going. I think he’s one of my musical heroes. The Cello player is a good friend of Jenni and mine¬† – Steven Sharp Nelson. One of the greatest guys I know, and one of the greatest musicians, as well. He was in our bishopric in Salt Lake. You can bet we had some AWESOME musical numbers in that ward!

These guys have also mastered the art of engaging an audience. Enjoy!

The LDSF Society

While it’s true that I belong to the LDS church, some weeks, with the kids crawling on the bench, and the floor, and each other, and me, and the baby,¬† I feel more like a member of the LDSF society. Not to be confused with the fundementalist church, this is the Latter-day Sunday Fiasco society. In the LDS church, the family gathers for sacrament meeting and all listen and enjoy the spirit in the meeting. But in the LDSF society, kids jump on benches, and parents do sweet sixteens up and down the chapel, racing kids in and out of the meeting, wails drowning out any and all audio reception.

Just today I woke up about halfway through the meeting (yes woke up – It was a long morning for the parents of said munchkins), I woke and discovered marker markings on my hands. What the?!

That’s when I noticed my kids coloring with markers and eating cereal next to me. Where did they get markers? We don’t even allow those in our house, let alone at church! And cereal? We had oatmeal for breakfast because we’re out of cereal!

Then the culprits revealed themselves as the kids belonging to the family sitting next to us on the bench. Ah. Well, they’re a great family, so I guess it was okay, but it did help me realize the importance of staying awake at church… especially as I remembered the marker markings and got self conscious about my face…

I only had to take Tootles out once – well, I guess you could say it was twice, since we had to go back in after he calmed down in order to fetch the diaper bag, since his foyer tantrum had released an ominous unpleasant smell. I would have had Jenni fetch it for me, but by then, she was out with another kid.

The Sound of Silent Whistling

The Sound Of Silent Whistling

Remember the time I was whistling with my heart and soul? Well, I’ve been at it again. I decided to go for a lighter tune. I used to wonder why they don’t have whistle choirs. I don’t wonder anymore. It sounds like a bad impression of a broken music box. Or a broken something, anyway.