The Sound of Silent Whistling

The Sound Of Silent Whistling

Remember the time I was whistling with my heart and soul? Well, I’ve been at it again. I decided to go for a lighter tune. I used to wonder why they don’t have whistle choirs. I don’t wonder anymore. It sounds like a bad impression of a broken music box. Or a broken something, anyway.

Monday Pick-Me-Up: Straight from the Horse’s Eye

Why is it that scenes that are supposed to be the most serious are actually the funniest? This classic scene from The Man from Snowy River has got to be one of the quintessential examples of serious gone hilarious. The tense music, the flashing camera, and… the eye. Oh, the eye. You might say it will scare you silly.

I Am Now Officially The Prankateer General

“I’d really like to make a name for myself… what do you think of the Prankateer General?”

“…Sounds like a pretty good idea.”

The message: be proactive

Be sure to listen through to the end on this. It drags a bit in the middle, but it gets fun again when the kids start eating the dog food.