Date Ideas: Occupational Career Dates

One of the things that you’ll want to learn about your date is her career plans. Once you find out what she wants to do for the rest of her life, plan a date based around that thing. (And don’t forget that full-time parent is a fully legitimate career choice!)

Shadow Someone

Find someone doing the career that either you or your date is pursuing, and arrange with them to either follow them around for a couple hours or assisting them.

Watch Videos About Your Date’s Career Choice

Look up some videos on the subject of your date’s career choice, including steps that can be taken now to work toward that occupation. Talk about what you learn.

Attend a Conference

There are conferences on just about everything. Look up a local conference on the subject of your date’s interest or occupational goals. Invite them to go with you to it.

Go to a Company Party

If your job has a party, invite your date to come along. (Just be sure to check with the people in charge to make sure it’s okay.)

Plan a Presentation

Together, plan a presentation, lesson, game plan, or sales plan, or whatever follows the right career path.

Build Something

If your date is going into a building, creative, or construction field, build something together. It could be big or small, so long as you do it together.

Hold an “Official” Interview

Tell your date you have an assignment to interview someone pursuing a career (I hearby assign you to do so—there, now you won’t be lying when you do it), and you’d like to interview your date. Ask questions to get as much detail as possible.

Come Up With Career Mission Statements

Sit down together and come up with mission statements for your career(s). Doing so can not only help you focus your efforts in trying to fulfill your dreams, but doing it together can help you come to know some of the deeper aspects of each other’s personalities.

Watch a Movie Based on that Career

Go to a movie based around your date’s career path, and use it as a launch-pad for a great conversation over dinner about your date’s goals, hopes, and dreams.

Go Shopping For Career Stuff

Most careers involve items unique to that occupation. Once you know your date’s career ideas, go shopping at some places that carry items that might be useful in that career.

Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Motivation

Mind if I let my thoughts wander for a minute?

I heard of an interview recently where an author was asked, “What would you say to encourage new authors?”

He replied, “Nothing. I would discourage them, because good authors can’t be discouraged from writing.”

Kind of an odd thing to say, I guess, but it made me wonder if I can be discouraged from writing. Is there something someone somewhere could say to make me decide to completely stop trying?

I don’t think so.

That brings on the question, are you intrinsically motivated, or extrinsically motivated? Basically, are you motivated by what you think of your work, or what others think of your work?

Obviously a serious writer can’t ignore what everyone else says. It’s his/her job to provide quality stuff that people want to read, but that doesn’t have to be where the origin of the author’s motivation.

I’m definitely intrinsically motivated. I’d write even if I thought no one would ever read my stuff. But I also want to make a serious effort to become a fully established, successful, full-time author. I motivate myself, but I’ve got to provide writing people want. It’s an interesting balance.

Besides, one of my other motivations is to bless and help other people through writing. I can’t do that if my work isn’t interesting enough to read.


How about you? How are you motivated?