Missionary Work

On this blog, I occasionally share aspects of my faith, and I try to word things so that what I say will make sense to a general Christian audience. For this entry, however, I would like to speak specifically to members of the church. I do hope that those of you who aren’t members of the church will read in order to understand why we do so much missionary work.

I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints, and as most people know, we are a very missionary-oriented church. We share our faith constantly. A friend sent me a Facebook message explaining that they were giving a talk in church on Sunday about missionary work, and sent these five questions to friends for their input. I’m sure mine was longer than it should have been, but this is a subject I am very passionate about, though it’s also the gospel principle that I struggle with more than any other.

Here are the questions:

1.What is missionary work?

2.Why are we as members so afraid of sharing the gospel?

3.What is a ‘member missionary’?

4.What can we do as individuals to be better missionaries?

5.What does visiting teaching have to do with all of this?
Here are my answers:

1.When we truly care about a person, our greatest desire is to help that person know the truths that will bring them the greatest happiness. The truths that will bring them the greatest happiness are the truths of God, Jesus Christ, and their plan for our eternal progression. We are God’s children, and the gospel is the way for us to become like Him and live as He lives.

2.For me personally, I think my biggest fear in sharing the gospel is that I will somehow come across as self-righteous, as if I think myself somehow beyond the person I am speaking to. I don’t want people to think that I am some religious fanatic. Especially among friends or co-workers, I would hate to have them think that I think myself better than them.

This is really unfortunate, because I can think of nothing that brings more joy into my life than seeing someone accept the gospel at my suggestion. It would bring more joy than saving a life or preventing a suicide. That is difficult for people to understand who haven’t yet accepted the gospel, but it is true.

3.Honestly, it’s kind of funny that we have the term member-missionary. I suppose it’s mainly because we don’t do missionary work as well as we should. If members of the church would do missionary work as we should, there would be only be two kinds of missionary work: missionary work, and full-time missionary work. Member missionary is a redundant term. If someone really understands what it means to be a member of the church, they will do missionary work without even having to be asked. But I guess we all struggle with that.

4.I think one of the best things we can do to be better missionaries is to be authentic. It’s so easy to hide our true selves behind a pretended mask of being normal, or just like everyone else. Of course we aren’t better than everyone else, but we do have knowledge and a lifestyle that is very different than the rest of the world. Why should we hide it? If we simply live the way that feel comfortable and stop worrying about what everyone else thinks, we will have a lot more opportunities to share the gospel.

5.Being a guy, I’ll address home-teaching, though the principles are the same. I love home-teaching. I struggle like everyone else to get out and do it, but I love it. To me it’s an excuse to get out and visit friends. I’ve always been the shy type, and though I love to go visit friends in their homes, it’s hard for me to come up with an excuse to do so.

Home-teaching gives me that excuse. I can hide behind the calling when I ask to come visit. Then when we arrive, I can have an enjoyable comfortable visit. Being the home-teacher is an extra bonus, too, because if my friends need help with anything at all, I’ve got a whole ward to back me up.

Making Moments – Free to Choose

Making Moments – Free to Choose

I’ve decided to try to take a moment each day to teach each of the kids some important gospel principle.  They are so young, and it would be easy to start the habit now.  If I wait, it will get tougher to do later.

Some say that they will make church available to their kids, but will allow them to choose whether or not they want to attend.

This idea is terribly lacking.  Our children cannot choose between good and evil if they do not get sufficient encouragement toward the good.  Just by living in the world, they will see all the bad they need to in order to know what the bad choices are.

If we do ALL WE CAN to teach, guide, and encourage, our children to live the gospel – if we live the gospel as conspicuously as we can, and do all we can to help our kids know how a righteous person lives the gospel, then and only then will they have sufficient knowledge to choose whether to accept or reject it.

The world will not offer them the fulness of the gospel.  You must do that.  Then, when they are mature enough, and have had enough exposure to know the blessings of a Christ-centered life, they will choose.
And a good parent will never give up, no matter how how strongly the child turns against the truth, they will continue to love, encourage, exemplify, and teach their children the Lord’s way to live.

That is how we give our kids agency.  Anything less is denying them the opportunity to choose.