Help Me Improve My Podcast AND Clean It Up!

Okay, so you’ve all probably seen this nice little poll on the side of my Podcast for the last few weeks.  I’m trying to clean it up, so I’m taking out the stuff that looks most cluttery – like the poll.  But I’d still like you to take it if you haven’t done it yet!  It would really help me out.  If you’re willing, you can even take the more detailed survey by clicking the link under the poll.  I love to hear your input, so help me clean up AND improve my site!


Also, if you haven’t noticed, I’m now on Twitter. I’m an official Twit now, so if any of you fellow twits out there would like to follow me, please do! Here’s a link, or Just click the follow button on the little twitter widget on the side of the blog. I’ll update you on new music I write, new blog entries from all three of my regular blogs/podcasts, as well as give you occasional meaningless useless bits of so-called information. Continue reading Help Me Improve My Podcast AND Clean It Up!

My Musical Journey – What do you think?

Okay, ya’ll, I want your input!

If you REALLY don’t want to vote, just vote the “I don’t think I’ll vote this time!” one. There’s nothing required, and I won’t see who votes for what, so vote away! You can vote for more than one if want, too. Also, if you have ideas about that aren’t one of the options or if you want to expound on your response, either write in the little orange slot or just leave comments!