Video Improv Session

I decided to try something unique a while back (in December). I did a live video stream of my piano practice. It was a lot of fun, and it turned out to be a great way to interact with friends using music. I’d like to do this more often on my UStream channel, but Here’s the recording of the stream:

Bet You’ve Never Heard This One Before! Then again… neither have I



You know, I wish there was a better word for improvisation.  It’s so overused.  And there are so many kinds of improvisations.  I was playing around with my flute and recorded what I played.  It’s never been played before, and if it’s nothing special, it will probably never be played again!  Somehow the word improvisation sounds too musical jargon for that.  Jam session?  Maybe.  But that sounds like a group band…

Any ideas?  What term do you use for improvising a new melody?

Anyway, so here’s my flute improvi-jam session…

Jammin with Ria and Jake

One of the funnest things to do is get together with friends and have a Jam session. I’m just lucky enough that my best friends are also family. Ria and Jake are both incredible on the piano and flutes.

This was a unique jam session because all of the flutes played were made by Jake. The solo piece Jake plays is also his original composition – and quite amazing.