Anyone Want to Start an Online Manuscript-Critique Group?

I have a writing group, and the members are great. We inspire each other, give each other feedback, and boost each other’s motivation.

But in addition to that, I’d like to get together a group of serious authors, who like me, need fellow authors to help them get their completed manuscripts ready for submission.

Here’s what I have in mind, and it’s open to any serious writers. We get together a group of as many of us as we can (at least 4, but any number more), and trade contact info. When one of us finishes a manuscript (either roughdraft, second draft, or tenth draft, whatever you want), we send a copy of it to the others. Then everyone (everyone who has the time) reads it, offering as much or as little critique as we have time for. I would suggest that all critiques come back to the author within a month of when the manuscript was sent to the group, since the author may be wanting to submit it to a publisher (or self publish) as soon as possible, and will need time to make any changes before sending it.

If you get a manuscript and don’t have time to read it, that’s okay. That’s why we want a number of people, so at least a few will have time to look over it. We don’t meet or contact each therewith any regularity, but just when we have completed (albeit unrefined) manuscripts needing feedback.

With such a short time-frame, the critique need not be comprehensive. In fact, a couple paragraphs of feedback would be perfect. We don’t want to put strain on the time of struggling authors, we just want to help each other out in getting our manuscripts refined.

I’m open to different approaches if you have other ideas.

Anyone interested in being part of such a group?

I Need a Writing/Critique Group!


——–THANKS EVERYONE!!! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!  We got a writing group together and we are now full.  But if you’d like, we can start some kind of system for helping other people group into writing groups.  Just let me know.  At any rate, I’m leaving the original article up anyway.———

talltab1 Hey, all you writers out there, I have a favor to ask!  I need to be in a writing/critique group, and I’m not sure where to start.  I would be happy to either join one that already exists or start a new one.

talltab1 I’m kind of out in the boonies of Sanpete, Utah, so I can’t meet in person very often.  Most correspondence would have to take place online.  I mainly write LDS nonfiction, so it would be good if it were an LDS group that can help me keep doctrine pure, but most of what I have so far is memoir type stuff anyway.
talltab1 I have done a tiny bit of fiction, but not much.
talltab1 Are you in a writing group that needs another writer?  Do you know other LDS writers that are looking for a critique group?  Please let me know!  Either comment or email me.  I know there are a lot of opportunities for writers living near the city, but it’s hard for me to get up to Salt Lake or Utah county, so your help would be appreciated!


– Chas