My New Life

This is one of those videos that just makes you want to keep going…

Life and love really can and should be forever.

Celebrity Lookalike II: A Celebritory Family

I stand corrected on my post, Celebrity (???) Look-a-like.  After posting it, my sister, Shelly Hathaway, commented on Facebook, explaining that I got it all wrong.  Well, I like her correction – since I’m not a big fan of Warren Jeffs.  She then proceeded to tell me who I really was, along with who all the kids in my family are.  I Googled the celebrities she said, and she’s spot-on!  Holy cow!  I guess I’m just from a celebrity family!  Here’s the celebrity list for me and my siblings:


Shane: David Dochovny (X-Files)

Ria: Amy Lee (Evanescence)

Me: Jimmy Stewart (Yes!  That guy rocks!  Good ol’ George Bailey – and Mr. Smith)

Shelly: Avril Lavigne

Jake: Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter)

So who do you and you’re family members look like?  Is your family as celebritous as mine?

Monday Pick-Me-Up:Muppets with Cabin Fever

Anyone who hasn’t seen Muppet Treasure Island is missing out on a treasure indeed!  All in all, probably the best Muppet movie yet.

The most pointless (and thus probably the best) part of the show is when the wind stops, the sun beats down, and the whole crew of pirates comes down with cabin fever.

Enjoy!  Oh, and just for you random Portuguese speakers, there are subtitles for you on this version.  Have to love Youtube!

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The Princess is Sleeping

You can probably imagine why these videos made me think of Toodles and Lunch Bucket. These guys know what play is really about. Play them full-screen if you want the full effect…

CONTEST: Name that Tune

Name that Tune

This is a contest!  I have recorded 6 flute tunes, and you can use whatever means you need to figure out the correct answers.  The first person to list all 6 tunes (or what movie they’re from) gets 3 free MP3s of their choice from my Dayspring CD.  I will personally email them to you.

Give your answer by leaving a comment with your guesses.  If you already have my CD, you’re welcome to play anyway!  You can give the MP3s to someone else if you’d like.

Making Moments – AKA Making Movies

Making Moments/Movies

This morning Lunch Bucket REALLY wanted to watch a movie, but she’s been watching a lot of movies lately.
“Baba, can I watch a movie?”
“Lunch Bucket, I think you’ve watched enough movies lately.  There are lots of other fun things to do.”
“No Baba,” she said in her favorite whiny voice, “I want to watch a movie.”
“But Lunch Bucket, why do you want to WATCH a movie when you could MAKE a movie?”
She looked at me for a minute, still with a pouty expression, but I could see the curiosity in her eyes.
“It’s much funner to make a movie than to watch a movie.  Come here, and I’ll show you how to do it.” And I jumped up and ran to her room.
She hesitated.  I think she was afraid of getting duped into something.
“Come on, Punkin, I’ll show you – it will be fun!”      She again hesitated, but slowly crept into the bedroom, where I was quickly stacking blocks into the walls of a castle.
“See?” I said, “I’m making a castle.  What toy should we use for the princess?”
She just stared at me, so I grabbed a doll – everything was readily accessible, since her room was a mess.  “This will be princess… what’s the princess’s name?”
“Okay… Princess doll.  This is Princess Doll sitting on her throne in the castle of… what should the name of the castle be?”
She mumbled a few inaudible words that I couldn’t understand, but I went with it.
“Okay.  This is Princess Doll in the castle of Ahvheeravooda.” Then in a teen-girl-squad voice, I said, “I’m Princess doll, and I’m very happy, sitting on my throne.” Then in my normal voice, “Now we need a bad guy.  Someone who wants to ruin everything.”
“I don’t want a bad guy.”
“Oh, but we have to have a bad guy.  Otherwise it’s not a movie!  We could have…”  I held up a plush chicken, “Crazy chicken!  Or…” I held up a rubber ducky.  “.. the ducky of DOOOOOM!  Or how about…” I grabbed a lanky plush monkey, “The monkey of MAAAAAAAAADNESS!”
Now she was starting to get into the game a bit.
We decided on the monkey, who turned out to be a villain who kidnaps princesses.  Lunch Bucket wasn’t too fond of that part.
“No! Don’t put her in the dungeon!”
“Ha Ha!” the Monkey of Madness replied, “I WILL put her in a dungeon!”
“Quick, Lunch Bucket,” I said, “find someone to save her!”
She stared at me blankly for a moment.
“It’s part of the movie.  You need someone to save her.  Who could save her?”
She looked around a little unsure what she was looking for.
“Look, there’s someone!” I said, “Pink pony can save her!”
Lunch Bucket grabbed Pink Pony, who is actually a unicorn.  Then swooping into the dungeon (somehow), she grabbed the princess and galloped her back to the safety of the castle.
Lunch Bucket was so excited about the story, she wanted to do another.  This time, in order to avoid making the monkey a permanent bad-guy, we made him the protagonist in a story about why we must be careful when we throw things.
That’s one of the amazing things about children – their imagination is as real and vivid as any movie.