Christmas Album Coming Sooooooooooon!

Weeehaaawwww! Only a few weeks before my Christmas album will be up! The music has been done for awhile, but the image is finally done! What do you think? Does it make you want to put up your Christmas tree today? Hopefully it at least makes you want to read the nativity story again. And just so you can see what songs will be on the album, I’m putting the back cover image on, too.

Christmas CD: Anthem of Hope

Anthem of Hope SAMPLE

I DID IT!!! I finished the whole CD in one month. In fact, I think I have more music than I can fit on one CD, so maybe I’ll have some bonus tracks for MP3 CD downloaders or something. I don’t know. Anyway. Here’s a sample of one of the original ones I did for the Christmas CD.

I’ll write a more detailed meaning behind the music deal, but basically it’s about the hope that was renewed with Jesus’s birth.

Again, it’s just a sample, but I hope you like it!