Falling Up

I’m taking a different approach to releasing my music this time.  Instead of writing a whole CD’s worth of music and then releasing it all at the same time, I’m going to release songs as they are written, and then when there is a CD’s worth, I’ll put them together.

This way the music will be available as soon as it’s recorded.

This song was written by Maria Hathaway (Maria Spencer after tomorrow!  Congratulations, Ria!), and I wrote the music for it.  It will be available for purchase soon!


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Falling Up

Falling Up

Falling Up

Lyrics and Vocals by Maria Hathaway Spencer
Music by Chas Hathaway

Walk to the place
where you can no longer see,
turn your face
to all that’s free,
take a step
into the deep,
fall into light.

Arms will embrace
and you will know it is He.
Call His name, walk His ways
fall into the endless light
of truth
of love
of peace

Walk to the place
where you can finally see.
Gaze upon
Fall into light.

The Ancestor CD Released!


The Ancestor CD is now available for MP3 Download! Yay!  You can buy the whole CD on MP3 by clicking the BUY NOW button below.

The album will be available for CD purchase (disk) in a couple weeks.

Thanks to everyone for helping make this happen!


Free Music!!!

My music is now on Amie Street, a music download website.  I’m not completely clear on how their system works, but signing up for an account is VERY easy (I think a username, password, and email is all it asks for).

As I understand it, when a new album shows up on their site, they start by making all the songs available for free download.  Then, as the music’s popularity grows, they put a small price on it, which grows with popularity until it reaches regular retail price.

What that means is that since my music is brand new on Amie Street, you can download MP3’s of my Dayspring CD for free.  I have no idea how much popularity it takes to make the price start going up, so if you want free MP3s of my music, you’d better go now!

Practice Session 5

This is a piano piece I’ve been just starting to work with. It still has a lot of work to do on it, and I haven’t mastered the rhythm yet, so keep that in mind when you hear my mistakes. I’ve been trying to match the interestingness of Gazelem. I’d love to have everyone’s input. What does it need? What could be changed?