A Musical Language: Speaking through Music

Here’s a crazy idea – though it’s not exactly a whim, since I’ve had the idea floating around in my head for about eight years now. I’ve always been fascinated with the capacity music has to communicate feelings and convey messages in a way that is often more powerful and effective than written or verbal communication. What if we were to come up with a language that was spoken through music? A system that actually uses notes to communicate detailed information. It would have to be detailed enough that someone could translate the Bible into the language, and yet simple enough that it wouldn’t take years of training to get it. Not a code, exactly, but something between a code and a language.

In a sense, what I’d like to see is someone pipe a tune, and someone else understand the detailed message.

Some ideas have been explored along these lines. Probably the biggest is Solresol, invented by François Sudre in the 1800s, which is simply a language that uses words spelled with different combinations of notes in the basic piano scale. It has its own dictionary and grammar, too.

But I would like to see a language that is more than a code that uses notes for letters. Ultimately, the ending product has to be both beautiful music and a clear message. It has to be as artistic and aesthetically pleasing as it it literary.

While we’re at it, let’s go ahead and make its written form as beautiful artistically as its sound is musically. So in other words, Continue reading A Musical Language: Speaking through Music

Blog Split

For my three readers out there, I would like to announce that I have split my blog.  Between writing, music, and photography, I think Overtones has becoming a little cluttery.  So in order to make… well, order, I’ve decided to split my blog into two.  This blog is now called Making Moments, and will remain at http://chas.willowrise.com/

Overtones has been moved to http://music.willowrise.com/

In case one of my three readers is not family, Willowrise is my family business, of which I am a part owner.  That’s why everything is under the Willowrise domain.

Making Moments will be my writing blog, and Overtones will be my music blog.  I hope this doesn’t cut my three readers in half.  That would be especially awkward for the one who becomes half.