Monday Pick-Me-Up: Straight from the Horse’s Eye

Why is it that scenes that are supposed to be the most serious are actually the funniest? This classic scene from The Man from Snowy River has got to be one of the quintessential examples of serious gone hilarious. The tense music, the flashing camera, and… the eye. Oh, the eye. You might say it will scare you silly.

Monday Pick-Me-Up!

If you are like me, Monday’s are tough. I suspect that many of you can relate, so I’ve decided to try a new tradition: Every Monday I’ll post something fun, silly, or jolly to raise your spirits a little to help you out a bit. It will probably usually be a Youtube video or flickr picture or something, but if it earns someone a smile, then it will be worth it!

This weeks Pick-Me-Up is a video from Improv Everywhere. This is a group that goes around to various locations, gets volunteers, and does something totally random for the local people.

The first time I saw this, I watched it like three times, just because…

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