Another Go at Photoblogging

I was doing a little research yesterday about white balance in digital photography, and there are all kinds of fun things you can do with it. Then I researched more about metering, and before I knew it, I was all pumped to do more artsy photography. I’ve gotten lazy about posting photos lately, mainly because I just don’t have the time and energy to edit them. So I’ve given myself a challenge. I want to post more photos, but the rules I’ll give myself (for my sanity’s sake) will be these:

1. No post production – I love doing it, I just don’t have time. It’s got to be straight from the camera (if I make an exception on a single photo once in a GREAT while I’ll label it). Not even rotating.

2. I have to delete photos I don’t want as I go along – I tend to take a photo 10 times, so the other 9 have to go before I upload.

3. No RAWs – Doing RAWs are way fun, but by definition, they require post-production, which violates rule #1

4. I don’t HAVE to be regular about how often I post – though I’ll try to be a little more regular. Don’t expect me to continue – I reserve the right to stop any time for no reason at all. Not that you care, but writing it frees me to not feel guilty if it’s been awhile. 😀

5. If I’m shooting for posting, I have to post what I shoot (unless there’s a reason it wouldn’t be a good idea – such as privacy or safety – you’ll notice I never mention my kids real names), no picking through. It has to be deleted or posted.

These rules only applies to artsy photography intended for posting, not day to day family events, etc, though I’m sure there’ll be a few of those, too.


I’ve started walking to and from work (short distance, but very pleasant walk) just to get a little exercise, so a lot of my photos will be from that.