I’m Back!

Okay, so I can be a little flakey – so be it! Actually, ditching this blog and turning it over to http://chas.willowrise.com was a bit of an experiment. See, I thought it might work well to have all my blogs just combine into one – to simplify. Actually, in a lot of ways, it just complicated things – plus my stats on this blog continued to do well – for six months! Even though I wasn’t updating anything.

Also, the search relevancy dropped considerably. People weren’t finding my music on the other blog, while this one continues to guide people accurately to what their looking for. It was an interesting experiment, but I’m back now! Let me know what you think of having this be it’s own blog – basically a blog containing and talking only about music.

This also means there’s going to be a flood of entries on here – for two reasons. First, I’ll be importing all the music related entries from the other blog onto this blog, and second, because it’s April, and I’m writing my Christmas CD. I did Nanowrimo this last year and loved it, so I thought I’d try the same thing with music and write a CD in a month. People have been requesting a Christmas CD for a long time now, so I thought this might be a good time to work on that. So far so good! I’ve got 12 songs so far, all arranged and recorded this month, and I don’t know much CD time I have left. I hope you enjoy it! I’d LOOOVE to hear your feedback! I’ll probably re-podcast them when the holidays are getting closer, but I want to show them to you now to give my blog/podcast listeners a sneak peak.

Thanks for your patience. Actually, in the long run, I don’t think all of you will notice the blog change much, but hey, either way, I’m back!


Popular Music Guidelines


Popular Music Guidelines

Music, Art, and Media Series

Larry Bastian, “Popular Music Guidelines,” Ensign, Apr 1974, 37

Have you ever wondered why things like beat, rhythm, and intensity are mentioned by the brethren as things to be aware of when are choosing what type of music to listen to?  I have, and this talk addressed that very well.

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Episode 12



Alice sat down behind the information desk, exhausted at the end of a full day.  In the early afternoon, a school class had come on a field trip to the library, and Alice was the only one available to give them a tour and read to them.  Then after school let out, one of the local scout troops had come for some merit badge… something.  Somehow it felt like she was catching up on everything else for the rest of the day.  But now it was 8 pm, the library was closed, and the doors were locked.  She slumped back in the chair, tempted to fall asleep right at the computer.

She looked down at a paper next to the keyboard.  She had nearly forgotten about her research on local history.  The sticky note had the names of the books Matt Robinson had brought in.

There was something strange about Matt.  When he had come in the library that morning, he had been dressed in an outfit that Alice would have described as being appropriate for a mountain-man, and he was accompanied by a young kid of ten or eleven.  His attitude had been very direct and determined, though she had assumed that he was a foreigner.  He acted like he’d never seen the inside of a library before, and was very conscious of everything happening around him.

But when he returned in the afternoon, he was Continue reading Episode 12