Fun With Telemarketers: Vegetable Oil Politics

It’s that time of year. I got a political call at home, and I’m always disappointed to discover that I’m talking to a robo-politician. So it was to my wondering joy that I discovered this one to be a real live, breathing, non-laughing human being! We had a nice conversation about the abuse of Vegetable Oil in our nation, but I don’t want to spoil it for you.

Enjoy the call!


The Prankateer General

Fun with Telemarketers: Mutant Alien Carrots

If you decide to enhance your carrot crop, don’t use fertilizer gathered from meteorite craters in Madagascar…

Just saying.

I Am Now Officially The Prankateer General

“I’d really like to make a name for myself… what do you think of the Prankateer General?”

“…Sounds like a pretty good idea.”

The message: be proactive

Be sure to listen through to the end on this. It drags a bit in the middle, but it gets fun again when the kids start eating the dog food.

Fun with Telemarketers: Focus Group

If I ever attend a focus group in California, I’ll have to look this guy up – since I supposedly know him so well.