Making Moments – Santa Clause

Making Moments – Santa Clause

I thing the whole magic behind Santa is not in the stories of what he does, but in the light of the eyes of children when they tell them. I saw that light in Lunch Bucket’s eyes today as we stood in the line to meet Santa at a Christmas party.
She gets very shy in public, but she very much wanted to meet Santa. Tootles doesn’t know the tradition yet, and doesn’t have the patience for any size of lines, so I took Lunch Bucket while Jenni watched Toodles.
“Lunch Bucket, What are you going to ask Santa for?”
“I’m going to ask him for candy cane.”
That about melted my heart right there. I wish my requests were so simple. I was grateful to discover that in the sack of candy he was handing out to each child contained a candy cane. Her eyes glowed as I talked about how exciting it was that she would get to meet Santa.
She was in a very enthusiastic mood for the rest of the line. Toodles even wandered over to Santa while another kid was on his lap.
“Well, who we got here? A hobbit!” Santa handed Toodles a little sack of candy, and Toodles marched away excited about his strange little device – completely oblivious to the fact that it was full of tasty treasures.
When Lunch Bucket finally reached the front of the line, she stopped in front of Santa, shy as she could be.
“Well hi there, Lunch Bucket!”
She stared at him, but didn’t budge.
He reached out to her and she hesitantly got closer. “What would you like for Christmas?”
Again, silence.
“Well, would you like one of these?” He handed her a sack of candy. Scooting away she came running to me, she showed me her treasure, and I tried in vain to get her to say, “Thank you,” to Santa. That’s alright. Santa and I both knew she was thankful.
“I got a candy cane!” she said excitedly. We had to help her get the wrapper off, because she was already trying to chomp it. It’s a lot harder to unwrap when it’s covered in saliva, but we managed.

Making Moments – The Night Before Christmas


Jenni and I sent the kids to bed early tonight so we could have a date.  Gratefully they don’t know how to tell time yet!  By the time we finally got them down, both of us were nearly exhausted enough to forget our whole plan and go to bed – but gratefully we went ahead.  

It’s hard to come up with good date ideas when you’ve got to do the date at home – but we thought of one.  We made a silly podcast together.  But not the traditional podcast.  We made it a Christmas special.

What do you all think?