Awesome Musician Bloggers

I’ve been on the lookout for other musician blogs. It’s fun to connect and get to know how other musicians are doing with their music, and how they are using the blogosphere to share what they have discovered.

Many musicians have family blogs, religious blogs, and so forth, but there are some who’s blogs are focussed on music. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Paul Cardall: AMAZING musician.  I’m linking you to his website, because he has links on his front page to all five of his blogs – one of which is a music blog. All of his blogs are fantastic – check them out!  And what an incredible guy.  He’s now awaiting a heart transplant, too, and blogs about it.
  • Career Songwriter Blog: Andrea Stolpe does a great job explaining the ins and outs of both songwriting and the music business.  A must subscribe for music and especially lyric writers!
  • Piano Musings: If you would like to learn to play the piano by ear, Edward Weiss knows his stuff, and even offers classes.  His blog is very insightful and goes into detail about the intricate skills required for one who is learning to play the piano outside of the traditional sight-reading piano lesson style.
  • Sher the Love: I just discovered this one last week, and love it.  It’s a fun blog about the life of the musician Sherrie Shepherd, so check it out!
  • Solo Pianist for Peace: Louis Landon shares his thoughts and feelings in a very unique and personal way that makes his blog thoroughly enjoyable to read.

There are loads of others, but these ones are fairly regular in their posting, and are probably my favorites that I have found so far.

I would love to find more. Help me out and tell me in the comments about any musician blogs that you know of!

– Chas