Come, Come Ye Saints

Come Come Ye Saints

On Wednesday, a friend called and asked if I could help her perform the hymn, Come, Come Ye Saints, at a 24th of July celebration (which is basically Utah’s birthday, for the benefit of all you out-of-staters), so I threw together an arrangement, and we performed it on Thursday. It went awesome! She has a great voice, and the performance went well. So on Friday I located a piano and touched up the arrangement to make it a piano solo. So here’s the tune! You’ll notice that I recorded it on a real piano. I’m curious what people think about the sound. I’m not sure I like it better than my GarageBand piano that I usually use, but I’d love to get your input. Obviously I need to work on the best placing for the microphone, but how does this sound compare with the GarageBand piano I use on all my other pieces? Also, let me know if you’d be interested in buying the sheet music for this piece if I made it.