Making Moments – 4 and 5 November

Making Moments

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

I used to love sitting on the heater vent when I was a kid, so when the heater started up tonight, I grabbed a large blanket and called Lunch Bucket into the room.

Using my head to hold up the blanket, I sat and created a tent. Lunch Bucket loved it. She’s small enough that she had room to move around.

We pulled Toodles in for a moment, but being surrounded by blanket is not Toodles’s idea of a good time. Then Lunch Bucket suggested we get her tent.

Jenni’s parents built a tent for the kids last Christmas. It’s made of cloth and PVC, built just like a teepee.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

I got to babysit tonight. Lunch Bucket insisted we get out the warm tent again, so we did. As we lay back on pillows, we somehow we started talking about Jesus. Though I can’t recall the exact wording, the conversation went something like this:

“Jesus is nice, huh?” I said.

“Yes. Jesus is nice. Jesus is wearing big white.”

Her pronunciation of white could have meant light, since she usually pronounces Ls like Ws.

“Does Jesus have a lot of light?”

“Jesus has a white dress.”

“When did you see Jesus?”

“I saw Jesus… last night.”

After this she changed the subject and wouldn’t go back to it. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lunch Bucket did see Jesus yesterday. I wouldn’t be surprised if most tiny children see Him often.