The Book of Jer3miah

Okay, so I’m not really the media review type.  But I came across something rather unique this week that Jenni and I have had a lot of fun with.  It’s a mystery, really, something akin to an LDS National Treasure.  There are seven videos so far – actually there should be an eighth episode within a few hours, and a new one each week.

But you can’t take the videos at face-value.  There is a whole sleuthing process taking place behind the lines by people all over the Internet.  If you only watch the videos, you’ll miss most of the clues.  The whole thing is based at BYU, so many of the clues are being found there, but it’s certainly not limited to BYU students.  Much of the mystery can be researched on the Internet.

As I understand it, the whole thing started with a BYU film class who wanted to take a different approach to film and mystery.  I’d say they’ve done a great job so far.

If you like mysteries, consiracy theories, or symbology, you might really enjoy getting in on the community and helping solve the mystery.  Jenni and I started, and we’re hooked.

Here a link to where you can watch the videos:

and here’s a link to where you can participate in the discussions:

Any other links you find on either of those websites will lead you to clues, and you can use Facebook, Google searches, and library research to learn details that will help.

Happy Sleuthing!

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  1. The eighth episode was just posted! But it is taking way too long to load!! The anticipation is killing me!!

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