The Grand Spam Award!

As I’ve mentioned before, I get a lot of spam comments on this blog, and instead of spamming them, I’ve decided to simply break their links and respond to them. (which is a good heads up, too. If I ever respond to your comments in a bizarre or senseless way, it means I mistook your comment for spam – I try to be polite and encourage comments, so don’t hold back!).

Anyway, some of these are better than others, and I have such a great time responding that I decided that my favorite spam comments would get an prize: The Grand Spam Award.

The Grand Spam Award for October goes to…

Wait for it… wait for it…

Orchard Bank!

Okay, so I got a very special message recently from the pre-qualifing, risk-free, fast and foaming Orchard Bank. Okay, so I added the foaming part – but not without excuse. Here’s the comment:

Thank you for this suggestions good evaluate; this will be the type of consideration that retains me although out the day.I have forever extended been wanting around to your web-site correct just after I observed about these from a shut good friend and was happy when I was in a very place to discover it correct subsequent to searching out for some time. Becoming a knowledgeable blogger, I’m happy to obtain out other people taking gumption and adding towards the neighborhood. I just desired to review to exhibit my understanding on your publish as it’s really moving, and tons of online writers usually do not get the credit score they really should have. I am good I’ll be back and can send out a handful of of my contacts.

Thanks, Orchard Bank. I’m glad that you will be retained throughout the day.

I can only assume that your message is being written in one of those codes where you just need to skip every few words in order for it to make sense. If so, I think I understand the interpretation.

I do have a question, though. What is a shut friend? Is that a friend who doesn’t talk, or a friend who has been shut into something – such as an old refrigerator? Contextually speaking, I’m assuming the latter, since you speak of searching (for him/her?) for some time. But then you speak of obtaining people, as if collecting them. Perhaps, then, it’s not an old refrigerator, but a large human aquarium. Yes, that makes sense. That would mean that you searched diligently and found a friend to shut into the aquarium. It would take a lot of gumption to pull that off.

Then you blog about your little human aquarium neighborhood.

Then you have someone review the exhibit, like you said, perhaps on their own blog.

I had no idea Orchard Bank sponsored human aquariums. At first I didn’t realize that’s what you were talking about, but after a careful reading of your comment, it’s quite clear. You search out and collect friends who are writers with bad credit scores or publishers who move a lot and shut them in a giant aquarium to exhibit. Then you blog about it all. Indeed, it would take a lot of gumption to pull that off.

Unfortunately, I don’t have such an aquarium, so sending me contacts won’t do much good. If you did send them, I’d just let them go.

– The Good Evaluate

6 Replies to “The Grand Spam Award!”

  1. Each time I learn a very good article I usually do a number of things:1.Share it with my relevant friends.2.Bookmark it in all the common social sharing sites.3.Be sure to return to the website where I got here accross the article.After reading this text I’m actually concidering doing all three!

  2. Looking at it I thought it was pretty enlightening. I appreciate you spending some time and energy to put this post along. Again I find myself shelling out far too much time both browsing and also writing comments. Although so what, it had been even now of great benefit!

  3. Like it . I just discovered your website just now. I definetly enjoy looking at the blog posts. I just add to favorites. Thank you for writing. We came across this site via msn. Great to know that the engine knows how to give quality sites and not trash websites. Have a fun new years..

  4. Candace,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I do appreciate the sincere and honest compliment. You’re absolutely right, and I suggest doing all three. In fact, may I suggest a number 4? After you do #2, return to those social networks and insist on substantial cash donations to the author. That way they will all know how truly awesome the article is, and do all four points, and soon I’ll have enough money to buy world peace.

    Just think, you could be the means of bringing about world peace. You can’t pass up an opportunity like that. No, no, you can’t.

  5. Steponayak,

    I appreciate your comment, but I am concerned about your mention of MSN – especially as you talked it up as if it somehow could be construed to be something of a competitor of Google. You do realize, don’t you, that this could place you in a position to be drawn and quartered (digitally, of course) once Google’s world domination plan is realized? I sincerely hope you meant the comment as a pre-qual to a bigger comment that basically says, “And yet even with how awesome MSN is, it doesn’t even approach the breathtaking awesomeness of the worlds largest, most freakishly amazing search engine, Google!”

    Just saying…

  6. Dear Gpam (not to be confused with Spam – but rather as acronym for “Getting Pregnant After Miscarriage.” Congratulations, BTW.),

    My new motto (in reference to browsing my site) is “Shell Away! Better to get great benefit than… than…” I forgot the last part, but it’s basically saying what you said – minus most of it, the implication being that you SHOULD shell out your time browsing my site, because obviously doing so will be of great benefit, to you and every generation after you, forthwith… thus saith hence.

    Sign here: ____________________________.

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