The Making Moments Six-monthiversary!


Though I have been blogging for about a year and a half now, today is my six month mark on the Making Moments project.  Just to let you know, I’ve diligently kept a record of each day in that six month time.  I have recorded some of these moments on this blog.  I was hoping by now there would be some grand awakening that would open my eyes to a whole knew approach to spending time with family.

There hasn’t been.  I’m the same guy, and though my kids have grown a little, they haven’t changed beyond typical child development.  I still haven’t found any secret discovery or key to perfect parenthood.

But really that wasn’t the intent.  The intent was to make moments with loved ones every day for a whole year.  And so far I’ve done it.  Reading back, there is nothing spectacular.  But life generally isn’t spectacular, and time spent with family is usually simple and slightly mundane.  But it’s also rewarding.  And I must say they are funner to read than my ordinary journal.

I guess it would be fair to say that I’ve gained perspective.  I’m surprised how easy it is to get distracted, and get caught up in lesser things.  But just having an assignment to make sure to spend at least a moment making meaningful experiences with loved ones keeps me turning back to what’s most important.

Incidentally, I might say that my ordinary daily journal has suffered – at least in the sense that I don’t write in it much anymore.  My daily “log” of what happens each day is now very out of date.  But that has made me wonder why I’m worried about keeping a log of my daily activities.  Isn’t recording a moment of meaning a much better cause anyway?  So I decided it’s alright if I don’t go back to the regular daily journal keeping, so long as I am recording moments, and the most significant experiences in my life.  I’ll update it occasionally, but that’s all.

Plus I’ve decided to break my journal into parts – my moments journal, my log journal, my gardening journal (there’s not much in that), my musical journal, and my spiritual journal.  I’m sure I’ll develop more with time.  But since I’m using a word-processor, I can easily use footnotes as a sort of index.

Incidentally, I’ve been keeping a daily journal (missing sometimes) since I was thirteen, and have come up with dozens of journal keeping ideas.  Would you guys want to hear some ideas?  They’ve made journal keeping fun and easy.  Let me know.

So being at the halfway point, does anyone have suggestions for improving  my Making Moments project?  Any ideas that might make it more fun, exciting, meaningful, or interesting?

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  1. Yes! I want to hear some journal ideas! I usually like writing in my journal but sometimes I feel some things would be silly to write or I feel embarrassed if someone else were to read it in 20 years…

  2. Always looking for new ideas to further my knowledge learning. I think I have quite some way to go after going through your article.

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