Three Part Story: The Car Demon

I’ve mentioned the three part story game before, well we played the game the other day, and I thought it would be fun to publish the results:

Ranaldo stepped out the front door and smiled. The glimmer of sunlight that sparkled off of his cherry red 1957 convertible Corvette dazzled his eyes. They joy that filled his heart at the sight of it overwhelmed him. As he gazed whimsically at it, he suddenly realized that someone was in the car. There was movement and he could hear a sort of a growling sound.

“Hey! What are you doing?” The growling suddenly stopped. Whoever was in his car looked up at Ralado. As he stared at the yellow eyes and furry face, he felt faint. The creature jabbed a hoof?!? at the dashboard.

“He’s stunned, but he’s liable to revive any moment,” The centaur stepped out of the car and Ranaldo fell to the ground. The car’s engine suddenly roared to life. Acting on instinct, the centaur unsheathed his sword. Barreling toward the car, he kicked the from of it, causing the hood to pop open. He stabbed the radiator with his sword.

“Big mistake!” Ecalibre moaned. The centaur didn’t respond, but continued stabbing various cars parts.

The centaur raised Ecalibre with the point of the sword to the sky and shouted, “To the Knights of the Twilight! May they live forever!”

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