Three Part Story: The Flibbergibbet Affair

John Porktos was furious. After 40 years of successful business management, the CEO of Fester and Fester Insurance Company was kicking him to the streets. He crumpled the release notices and threw it at the door just as it opened.


For a moment, he stared blankly at the figure standing in the doorway. The massive white wig and festive floofy outfit looked vaguely familiar. Then he realized where he knew the man from. He was in a painting at the museum across the parking lot.

“Excuse me,” the painting-man said in a squeaky voice “do you happen to happen to have a flibbergibbet?”

John blinked. “Um… maybe…” he thought for a moment and opened a desk drawer. He pulled out a stapler and handed it to the painting-man. “Here.”

“Congratulathankifications!” The painting-man said, “Come to out party.”

So he did.


“Dong, Dong, Dong!!” The big clock struck 4am. The party was over. Everyone scrambled back to their own frames. Except for the little blue boy. Nobody noticed him sneaking out the door of the museum.

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