4 Replies to “Where the Heck are We Going?”

  1. I think that many times I do get paralyzed by all the choices I have. I seem to feel overwhelmed at all the things I can and must do, that sometimes I end of doing nothing but waste precious time. I feel it is the biggest challenge of our day to sort and choose between so many great choices. We can’t all be talented at everything! We must pick and choose which things fulfill us the most and help us become a better individual, and improve the world around us. I find having long and short term goals help me realize what I really want and need out of life, and that helps me direct my actions and choices in a better path to achieve those goals. If I don’t have that direction, hours upon hours are wasted in wondering what I should do next without really achieving anything.

  2. This is a great topic to write about. I’ve found myself wondering about it myself as a blogger, and I’ve come to the conclusion that the best thing I can do for my readers is to try to add as much value and insight to my posts as I can to try to feed my readers’ souls. Likewise, I find that if I try to keep looking for the uplifting, the virtuous, the instructive, and the enlightening and drop immediately what does not fit that criteria, then I will be making the best use of the choices out there.

    (By the way, I approve of this blog so far.)

  3. Great point, Michaela. If we aren’t using these things to build up and improve on the world around us, then we shouldn’t be using them. There is so much potential to do good with all the tools we have.

    By the way, I’m glad you approve! 😀

    Thanks for the comment!

    – Chas

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